Missing the gym? Here are some other ways to stay fit

Don’t waste your time pining for the gym – it could potentially be months until they reopen again. It doesn’t mean you have to let your fitness slide though – there are plenty of other ways to exercise in the great outdoors or even within your own home.

Experts are predicting that gyms in Australia could stay closed until at least September – which is a really long time for anyone with a fitness habit or a desire to get fit after weeks of self-isolation excess and lethargy.

All you need to stay fit and healthy is to tie on some running shoes and hit the road, or hop on your bike. Soft sand runs down on the beach are another way to exercise out in nature and, although pools largely remain closed, coastal residents can still swim in the ocean.

If you don’t fancy any of those, then set up a workout space in your garden or out on your deck. You can get a great workout using just your bodyweight. But if you want to invest in a couple of pieces of inexpensive equipment, resistance bands or a couple of dumbbells should do the trick.

If self-motivation isn’t really your forte, you may need a little extra help. Fortunately, there is plenty of support on hand in the form of fitness apps and online workouts – many of which are free or at least fairly reasonably priced.

Here are a few of our favourites:



SWEAT Trainers Strong Fit Well

No matter what your workout style is, you should be able to find a trainer in here who will suit you. Kayla Itsines, who started the app, is know for her BBG workouts which are largely cardio-based, although she has expanded her offering with BBG stronger.

Then there is Kelsey Wells, an American fitness figure who works on building strength with some solid techniques in her PWR program. Aussie trainer Chontel Duncan throws some fun HIT workouts into the mix with FIERCE, while Stephanie Sanzo offers something for the lifters and Sjana Elisa caters to the Body and Mind crew. There’s even two post-pregnancy workouts on offer as well as home-specific alternatives to gym sessions.

Cost: $19.99 per month


Chris Hemsworth Centr Strong Fit Well

With superfit celebrity couple Chris Hemsworth Elsa Pataky at the helm, this app brings together a range of exciting trainers which have all played a role in creating the Thor physique.

There’s plenty here for both men and women, with mobility, martial arts and strength all featuring alongside yoga, pilates and mindfulness. Make sure you check out the recipes section too – there are some goodies in here!

Cost: $10 per month (if you sign up for 12 months)

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club Strong Fit Well

The app from the sportswear giant is unsurprisingly pretty schmick. It bases its workout recommendations on your fitness level, and your desired results.

You can choose from four 4–6 week training plans or just dip in and out for the occasional workout. There are plenty of options designed to be done from the comfort of your home using minimal equipment. Workouts range in length from a quick seven mins to lengthier sessions.

Cost: Free

PE with Joe

PE with Joe Wicks Strong Fit Well

It’s hard not to love Joe Wicks’ enthusiasm. Kids all around the world are loving this cheeky chappy’s daily sessions which often have a fun theme – he has thousands joining him every day. The best bit is that you can do his PE with Joe workouts with your children, so you can get your fitness session in with no creche required.

Tune into his Body Coach YouTube channel for a mix of workouts including some that are well suited to seniors. He also has some pretty tasty meal suggestions and you can sign up for a paid program too.

Cost: Free (upgrades available)

Map My Run

Map My Run Strong Fit Well

The fitness tracker is a great running buddy. It maps out your route and gives you the metrics you need to gauge your progress which is so useful if you are training for a particular event. You can also pit yourself against other runners in the community which is a great motivation for competitive exercisers.

If you upgrade to the premium app, you can benefit from a mobile running coach that tell you when you need to speed up or slow down in order to achieve your goal.

Cost: Free (upgrades available)


Which fitness programs are you loving right now?

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