Why high sugar diets are bad news

Sugar has been on the blacklist for some time now, but the reasons why seem to keep stacking up.

Most recently, the dangers of sugar consumption have been highlighted by research which suggests it could raise the risk of heart disease.

A new University of Surrey study showed that just three months on a high sugar diet may up chances of heart disease even in “healthy” people.

The findings, published in Clinical Science, revealed that healthy men who consumed a high-sugar diet for 12 weeks had higher levels of fat in their blood and liver.

Their metabolisms resembled those of people with a condition called non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) which occurs when fat accumulates in the liver.

“Our findings provide new evidence that consuming high amounts of sugar can alter your fat metabolism in ways that could increase your risk of cardiovascular disease,” professor of nutritional metabolism at the university Bruce Griffin said.

NAFLD is more common in people with obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Evidence suggests the condition can increase people’s risk of cardiovascular disease, which is more commonly known as heart disease.

Although most adults are unlikely to consume the high levels of sugar implemented in the study, some children and teenagers who consume lots of sugar-sweetened drinks and sweets may be more at risk.

“This raises concern for the future health of the younger population, especially in view of the alarmingly high prevalence of NAFLD in children and teenagers, and exponential rise of fatal liver disease in adults,” Griffin said.


Do you still consume lots of sugar?

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