Intimidated by the weights room? Here’s a plan of action…

In every gym, there’s an area beloved by beefcakes. Where the grunting, testosterone, muscles and sweat are so at home that they makes many regular gym punters, and especially women, feel unwelcome.

It’s usually the area with the barbells

Instead of braving the storm, we tend to stick to the areas we feel more comfortable in. But that means we miss out on all the benefits those pieces of equipment can deliver. And why should anyone miss out? It’s your gym just as much as theirs.

So, if you’re feeling a little uncertain but are keen to spread your wings, here’s a plan of action:


Book a session with a PT


Even if you don’t want to commit for the long-haul, just a few sessions with a PT introducing you to the equipment and surrounds of the weights room can be enough to help you feel confident enough to take it on all alone. Use the time wisely to perfect your technique, get chatting to other people in the room and you’ll be part of the furniture in no time.


Get a training buddy


Everything feels easier when you have a partner in crime by your side. Grab a pal, warm up properly and then make your way into the lion’s den. You’ll feel a zillion times more comfortable as you become familiar with the equipment, and you’ll have way more fun.


Use the surrounding equipment


The weights room isn’t just about squat racks and barbells. Around the periphery, you’ll find plenty of machines, cables and dumbbells. Start your journey with the equipment that you already know well. As you settle into your surroundings, you’ll gradually build the confidence to work your way further in.


Just go for it


The more time you spend in there, the more comfortable you’ll feel. And as you become a pro with the equipment, you’ll stop caring what other people think and will just be focused on achieving great results.


Do you find the weights room daunting?

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Journo turned fitness professional, passionate about helping people to live a healthier and happier life! A long way from London, I now call Sydney home.

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