How hotels are making your fitness a priority

Hotels are catering to the changing demands of a healthier generation of travellers by offering in-room fitness options.

That means that there’s no longer the need to head to the hotel gym, enabling those who prefer to workout in private to maintain their exercise routines.

Westin’s global brand leader Brian Povinelli highlighted research which showed growth of 14% in wellness tourism over the last two years alone. Global wellness growth as a niche is set to grow by another 17% in the next five years.

And that’s not it. Apparently 60% of millennials indicated health is the most important thing in their lives. 41% of Gen Z-ers would pay a premium for healthier products and experiences.

It’s not the only hotel company to have picked up on the trend. Take Hilton as another example.

“We know that no matter how determined people are about making healthy decisions while at home, the ability to replicate those choices are often not as accessible as they should be while travelling,” Hilton’s Senior Director of Global Wellness Ryan Crabbe said.

“We’re creating choice and control for guests to drive their own fitness experience.”

Even hotels that don’t offer the dedicated in-room fitness offering are nonetheless upping the ante. How? By improving their gyms and taking the concept of fitness beyond the exercise studio, incorporating it into menus and activities on offer.

Now there’s no excuse not to stay fit while travelling – be it for business or leisure. But if you need a little extra help, check out our five ways to stay fit while on holiday.

Here’s what some of the world’s biggest hotel chains are offering on the fitness front:



Hilton Fitness

Hilton’s recently launched “Five Feet to Fitness” program, provides the opportunity for their guests to do a wide range of exercises in the comfort of their own rooms.

There’s a Wattbike for pumping out some serious cycle sessions. A Gym Rax functional training station incorporates strength, core, suspension and high intensity interval training (HIIT).

A touch screen display provides tutorials and guided workout routines with more than 200 fitness videos in a range of categories.

In order to provide a holistic wellness experience, Hilton has also tossed in a meditation chair and blackout shades for restorative sleep. There’s also Biofreeze to ease muscle tension, and a selection of protein and hydration beverage options.



Westin Wellness.jpg

Westin has also taken note of the rise of wellness tourism. Its hotels offer guests local running maps or a “running concierge” to lead group runs and loan them New Balance clobber. It also provides “state-of-the-art”, 24/7 gyms with Peloton bikes for live and on-demand studio cycling classes at any time of day or night.

The chain has also introduced the option of booking a guestroom with a treadmill or stationary bike so guests can exercise at their convenience n the privacy of their own room.

Workout videos are also available for fitness inspiration. A partnership with FitBit also gives guests a complimentary 30-day trial to FitStar Premium. The tie-up offers unlimited personalized routines and access to all Freestyle sessions, including the brand new “Stay Fit with Westin” workout.

As a sign of the growing importance of catering to the fitness-focused traveller, Westin launched a new “Let’s Rise” campaign earlier this year.



Fairmont Fit

Fairmont hotels provide their premier-level guests with Reebok shoes, apparel, yoga mats, and stretch bands.

If they like the clobber, they can opt to buy it with a 15% discount. Guests are also given mp3 players pre-loaded with music to motivate them during their workouts.

Then there is the brand’s Lifestyle Cuisine Plus program which offers heart-healthy, diabetic-friendly, vegan and gluten-free options. Or its complimentary BMW Cruise Bikes for guests who want a healthy way to see the sights.

While all hotels offer tips on jogging routes with many offering running maps of the surrounding area, some properties have a run club for guests. Meanwhile others offer classes including hula hooping, suspension training.



Even Hotels

InterContinental Hotels Group has taken things a step further by launching an entire wellness-focused brand called EVEN.

“Travellers like you, are tired of having their fitness routines disrupted when travelling,” its brand statement says.

“That’s why we make sure you stay well while you’re away.”

EVEN properties have exercise equipment in guestrooms, group fitness classes, and organic food.

It has even put together a Wellness Advisory Board, called The WELL, to keep travellers aware of the latest trends and science behind staying well on the road.


Do you pick hotels based on their fitness offerings?

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