Aussies among world’s healthiest people

Aussies are doing pretty well when it comes to their health, with Australia ranked the fifth healthiest country in the world.

In a recent study, Italy took out the top spot, followed by Iceland, Switzerland and Singapore.


So what were the rankings based on?

Each of the 163 countries in the Bloomberg Global Health Index was rated on factors such as life expectancy, causes of death and health risks such as high blood pressure, tobacco use, malnutrition and the availability of clean water.

Check out the full table of results below:

Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index

Good news for Aussies

The high ranking is in line with the findings of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

“Our life expectancy is one of the highest in the world, and the incidence of heart attacks and the death rate from cardiovascular disease have improved,” it said in its 2016 report.

“A much smaller proportion of people smoke today than 20 years ago, and overall alcohol consumption has fallen to its lowest level in 50 years.”


However, it’s not all good news

In 2014/15, more than 11 million Australians had at least one of eight chronic conditions.

The report also showed that those living in rural and remote areas and those from marginalised backgrounds were worse off in terms of health and life expectancy.



We’re still doing better than the US which the index revealed was one of the world’s heaviest nations. Its overall health grade was 73.05 out of 100 putting it at number 34 out of the 163 countries ranked.

Faring a little better was the UK which came in at number 23, nonetheless bogged down in higher blood pressure and cholesterol as well as poorer mental health.


Are you surprised by these results?

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