How to be a superhero in the gym

A gym should be a sanctuary of fitness and wellbeing but, sometimes, our precious workout time can be disrupted by factors outside our control.

Clutter and noise can be distracting, even dangerous. All that sweat and skin can be a little off-putting.

So what can we do to make sure everyone feels comfortable and content within the gym? A few simple measures can take you from gym baddie to gym hero in no time at all, leaving you feeling good both inside and out.

Here are our suggestions to make sure that you reap some positive gym karma.


Always use a towel


Your sweat is a necessary and natural part of working out – it’s something you should embrace. But other people’s perspiration? Well, that’s a different matter.

Think bacteria, odours, that awkward dampness – not quite so pleasant.

It’s simple enough to give the equipment a wipe down with a towel after you’ve finished using it. Added bonus? You can use it to wipe yourself down too – win, win!


Put your weights back


If you’re strong enough to pump that dumbbell, then you’re definitely strong enough to put it back where it belongs.

Leaving gym equipment scattered around the floor is not only a bit lazy, but leaves other gym-goers hunting around to find what they’re looking for – wasting precious workout time and also creating risk of injury.


Put it away


We’re not talking about putting equipment back again. What we’re talking about here is your choice of active wear.

We get it – you’re proud of those pecs or that new skimpy gym vest and you want to show them off. But gyms are an intimidating place for many people and exposed sweaty flesh can make them even more daunting.

Save the strip downs for the beach or the bedroom and get to training instead.


Don’t be a grunter


Yes, you’re working hard and yes, you need to express yourself, but do you really need to do it so loudly?

Sure, grunting can help you exert more power as you exhale in the gym. Scientists have argued in favour of grunting – after all, Serena Williams is a famous grunter and it serves her well.

But excessive grunting is a different kettle of fish – often more about adrenaline and even intimidation. Those against it say similar forces can be produced without the obnoxious noise.

Either way, let’s put things in context – we’re not playing Wimbledon in the gym, so let’s just turn it down a notch.


Crack a smile


This might sound like an obvious one, but for some people gyms are really scary places. Often, the first visit can also be the last with the sight of all those athletic bodies a deterrent for those lacking in confidence.

Let’s make the gym a place where everyone feels comfortable and welcome – a simple smile can make a huge difference in someone’s day after all.


Are you a gym hero or a gym baddie?


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Journo turned fitness professional, passionate about helping people to live a healthier and happier life! A long way from London, I now call Sydney home.

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