Do bigger muscles mean a smaller heart?

When it comes to social and economic equality, strong men and those with big muscles just aren’t as interested, new research has revealed.

The Brunel University London study of 171 men aged between 18 and 40 looked at a number of physical factors including size, flexed and relaxed muscle circumference, hand grip as well as arm and chest strength.

In addition, the men were asked a range of questions about their gym-going habits, their finances and their views on the redistribution of wealth and the idea of certain social groups being dominant over others.

A “significant” link was found between those that were strong and the belief that some parts of society should dominate others.

Similarly, these strapping men were also much less likely to support redistribution of wealth.

More muscular men and those that spent more time in the gym were also found to be less egalitarian.

The men were also rated on their physical appearance by groups of independent “raters”, but no link emerged between the men being considered attractive and whether they were supportive of social equality.

While Brunel’s Dr Michael Price said there were a number of possible explanations, the findings raise one key chicken and egg-style question.

“Does being muscular cause men to be less egalitarian, or are less-egalitarian men are just more likely to lift weights?” 


Do you think men with muscles care less about others?

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