Why millennials are obsessed with wellness

A spike in anxiety levels among younger people, aka millennials, is stoking their interest in fitness and wellbeing – a trend that is expected to grow over the coming years.

Young adults from wealthy countries are now being commonly referred to as the “anxious generation”.


Because of their concerns over rising unemployment, student debt and spiralling property prices.

And what about the pressures of living a life that is increasingly online?

“There is a palpable bleakness in the air, like a form of generational anxiety,” Global Wellness Institute economist Thierry Malleret said.

“It’s hard to understand what’s happening in the world and even harder to know what might happen next.”

But the more anxious they get, the more these burdened young people search for remedies for their malaise.

They’re hitting the gym in droves, living in their active wear and quaffing kombucha.

They’re even swapping nightclubs for the gym. New classes enlist the talents of DJs to give those sweaty punters the same happy highs without the hangovers.

Here are five wellness trends that are big news among the millennials:

Health through a straw


Green juice, green smoothies, green coconuts, maple water, kombucha – these are just some of the drinks that are making waves these days.

Even a straight cup of coffee isn’t the go anymore – think turmeric chais, almond lattes and bulletproof coffee (made with butter).


Friday nights in the gym


Who needs to let their hair down in a sweaty nightclub when you get instead tie those locks up and get that perspiration flowing in a much cheaper and healthier way?

Clubs are dishing up pumping tunes, the occasional DJ and flashing lights to get you in the mood. Cue endorphins, conversations you can actually remember and, best of all, no hangover.


Yoga with a twist


It may have been around for thousands of years, but yoga just keeps on evolving. Some of the latest offerings include hot yoga, aerial yoga, beer yoga, naked yoga and even dog yoga.

You’ll still get those benefits but in a way that caters to your interests or introduces you to something new and different.


Clearing the rear


Eating fibre may have long been the most popular way of keeping your digestive tract ticking along smoothly.

But enemas, which approach the issue from the opposite end, have been around for quite a while too. Now they have become a popular pastime in the form of colonic hydrotherapy which involves multiple jets of water into the rear to cleanse and moisturise.


Seeking an alternative


Cupping marks on exposed backs aren’t a hugely unusual sight these days pointing to the growing popularity of alternative therapies.

A growing number of millennials are increasingly turning to alternative medicine to prevent illnesses and maintain wellbeing.


Do you relate to the anxious generation?

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