Is green juice really all it’s cracked up to be?

Is green juice really all it's cracked up to be Strong Fit Well

Celebrities are swearing by a magic potion called green juice. It’s apparently the secret to their youthful looks, their weight loss, you name it.


So what exactly is it?

That’s partly where the confusion lies. Green juice simply means a fruit and vegetable drink that is, well, green. Order a green juice in any number of cafes and you’ll always get something different.

Yes, it will usually involve some kale or spinach to give it that bright green hue, but the other ingredients could include apple juice, pineapple juice, lemon water – all of which have varying health benefits.


The main issue…

Most juices takes the flavour (and sugar) from its ingredients and loses all the fibre. With so much lost in the juicing process, so what you are left with is a high sugar concoction.

Sure, there will be vitamins in there (making it a great solution for the time-poor), but you’d be far better off eating that kale, spinach and fruit as solid food.


Don’t have time to rustle up a delicious plate of greens?

Then nutritionists say you’re better off going for a green smoothie than a juice. Although some of that fibre may haveĀ been broken down by those vigorous blender blades, there will still be more in there than a juice.


Are you partial to a green juice from time to time?



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