How to exercise without the expense

How to exercise without the expense Strong Fit Well

A whopping two thirds of Aussies aren’t exercising either at all or as much as they should be, new research has revealed.

Furthermore, the findings showed that those living in wealthier areas were more likely to be active than those in poorer neighbourhoods. That suggests that cost could be partly to blame.

So what’s the link between income and staying fit?

It’s true that gym memberships cost money, as do personal trainers or outdoor bootcamps. But you shouldn’t let lack of funds dampen your enthusiasm for exercise.

Even if you can’t afford any of these things, you can definitely still stay fit by making a few simple tweaks to your lifestyle and being a little creative with your workouts.

All you need is the motivation.

Here are some top tips to keep your body in tip-top shape without breaking the bank:


Join the YouTube generation

How to exercise without the expense Strong Fit Well

There’s a seemingly endless supply of fitness videos available on the internet these days – just check out YouTube for proof. Grab your mobile, get some fitness inspiration and get to it!


Get a healthy eating habit

How to exercise without the expense Strong Fit Well

Many people believe that you have to splash some serious cash to eat healthily, but that’s just not the case. Often seasonal fresh produce can work out cheaper than all the packaged and processed crap. Just keep an eye out for deals and bargains – they are out there.


Head outside

How to exercise without the expense Strong Fit Well

Think long runs in the great outdoors, bodyweight circuits in the park, soft sand sessions on the beach or laps in a rockpool – all free!


Take a moment to breathe

How to exercise without the expense Strong Fit Well

Anyone can and should breathe! Not only is it a life essential, but mastering the art of good breathing can set your body in pretty good stead – think reducing stress levels, better sleep, improved physical performance.


Share your cost-effective fitness tips below!


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